7th Annual
A must-attend online event for the Oil & Gas IT community, with keynote talks, breakouts and an exhibition hall - all hosted live on a virtual platform. Free to attend for end users working in the industry - join us from anywhere in the world. 
 Wednesday 29th April 2020 
08.30am - 15:00pm UK GMT time

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 Explore and engage with other attendees in the virtual lobby 

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The Conference

The Digital Energy 2020 Summit on 29th April will be going ahead as a virtual event, delivered fully online.

The Virtual Summit will retain all of the main features of our standard conference programme - with keynote talks, breakouts and an exhibition hall - all hosted live on a virtual platform. We will also be running Q&A sessions to enable audience participation, and facilitating networking and business engagement opportunities over the course of the day. Not only will you be able to enjoy our full line-up of speakers - but you’ll be able to log-in remotely and join us from anywhere in the world.


The Energy sector is changing: the challenging economic landscape has forced businesses to scrutinise their operations in pursuit of greater productivity and asset efficiency. Meanwhile, the market is growing increasingly diverse as renewables mature and new entrants emerge.

Now in its 7th year, the Digital Energy Summit has established itself as the largest annual Information Technology event for the energy community. The Summit brings together senior technologists and innovators, providing a unique forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

The programme will explore the role of digital technology in driving innovation, optimisation and improvement across the industry. Sessions will provide informative peer-led presentations on key themes impacting the sector, from data analytics, AI and machine learning, to cyber security, culture, strategy and leadership. 

Core Themes


  • Digitalisation: efficiency, modernisation, simplification, organisational transformation

  • Data: analytics, insight, business intelligence, automation, RPA, data sharing

  • Asset visibility: performance optimisation, conditioning, visualisation, digital twins

  • Emerging technologies: AI, ML, IoT, robotics, drones, blockchain, HPC, edge

  • Infrastructure: SCADA, cloud, hybrid architecture

  • Cyber security: information governance, supply chain security, GDPR

The conference is free* to attend for Energy Company personnel in the end-user community



DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. Working alongside partners from industry, academia and government, we host an extensive conference series focused on core areas of emerging technology, Digital and IT. DIGIT also run Scotland's leading IT & Digital News Platform www.digit.fyi which receives over 100,000 page views per month.

Our events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange and discussion, drawing senior stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a strong delegate following and have become renowned as a pivotal forum for high-level networking and engagement.

We are delighted to announce that DIGIT will be running our entire Q2 conference programme in a virtual environment. Not only will you be able to enjoy our full events line-up for April, May and June - but you’ll be able to log-in remotely and join us from anywhere in the world.










2020 Speakers

Blaine Tookey
Technology Principal, BP
Andy Hardy
Regional Vice President, EMEA Sales, Nasuni
Nirmalie Wiruntunga
Professor of Intelligent Systems, Robert Gordon University
Darren Martin
Group CTO, Wood
Mike Gill
IS Project Manager, Premier Oil
Angus Murray
Head of IT, TAQA
Adebayo Aremu
Drilling Operations Superintendent, KCA Deutag
Martin Ogden
Head of IT and Digital, Repsol Sinopec
Stephen Kelly
CISO & DPO, Chrysaor
Alan Norrie
IT User Enablement Lead, TAQA
Mark Stephen
Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland
Ray Bugg
Founder, DIGIT
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Agenda 2019



The morning session will contextualise the industry landscape; discussing some of the key overarching technology trends, examining the ongoing digitalisation of the sector, and looking at specific examples of practical technological transformation.


08.00  Digital Transformation Breakfast Briefing - Limited Spaces 

David Rennie, Head of Oil & Gas, Scottish Enterprise

Bruce Catto, IT Manager, North Star Shipping

Tariq Khan, Partner, Synpulse

Maggie McGinlay, Deputy Chief Executive, ONE


09:20  Welcome from the Conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:30   Introduction: Technology Trends and Industry Impact

  • Landscape assessment

  • Contextualising the key technology trends

  • What are the inherent business implications and industry impact 

  • Shifting the legacy mindset to embrace new ways of working

  • Digital and IT as an enabler of business improvement and genuine change

Theo Priestley, Technology Analyst & CMO, WFS Technologies


09:45   Delivering Digitalisation at Scale

  • Strategic objectives and goals

  • Key challenges of delivering a large scale digital programme

  • Opportunities and ROI

  • Improving data insight 

  • Disrupting the business model and opening up the market

Aimee Betts-Charalambous, Technology Innovation Lead, BEIS

10:05    Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • How Maersk Drilling use Design Thinking methodologies to explore AR and the potential use of AR within Oil and Gas and especially the Drilling Industry

  • How AR and digitalization will benefit our offshore crew performing routine and regular inspections and create value to the business

  • Starting small: creating and testing the MVP – Thinking big: Where could it go and what could be next

  • Barriers and obstacles for full scale in the offshore sector


Peter E. Sørensen, Advocacy and Innovation Lead, Maersk Drilling

10:25    Creating a Strategic Edge in Oil & Gas


  • Automation’s role in the Digital Transformation Journey

  • Amplification of Human Intelligence

  • Optimisation of core business performance

  • From Pilot to Large Scale Implementation

John McLaren, Enterprise Manager, UiPath

10:45    Q&A

11:10    Refreshments


This session will explore key areas of emerging technology in a smaller group environment. Four breakout sessions will be run in parallel and then repeated, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two of the options on offer.

11:40    First Breakout 

12:10    Transition

12:15    Second Breakout

 A: Commercialising Analytics, ML & AI

  • Understanding the many applications of AI & ML

  • Debunking the myths about AI & ML surrounding expense, accessibility and redundancy

  • How to extract value in commercial AI.

  • How to leverage AI fast, accurately and actionably


Marta Portugal, Senior Data Scientist, Merkle Aquila


 B: Using AI for Real-Time Threat Detection across OT & IT

  • How to use artificial intelligence to detect emerging threats and latent vulnerabilities

  • Achieving 100% visibility across OT, IT and Industrial IoT

  • Real-world case studies of stealthy cyber-threats identified early by Cyber AI – before a crisis occurred


Stuart King, ICS Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace


 C: How the Energy Sector is Modernising File Infrastructure to Increase Cash Flow

  • Why operators’ and service providers’ needs for capacity and large file movement overwhelms traditional file infrastructure

  • Why a modern file infrastructure can eliminate up to 70% of your current infrastructure costs

  • How a global file system makes sharing and collaborating on large seismic files up to 90% faster

  • How you can speed time to productivity for acquisitions by reducing the time to integrate

Andy Hardy, EMEA Region Vice President, Nasuni


 D: A New Era for Data Protection: Converged DR and Backup

  • Protect your business and lower operational costs by converging Disaster Recovery and Backup into one solution

  • Simplify and reduce the cost of consolidations and migrations using no-impact testing

  • Recover quickly from Ransomware, or any other unplanned disruptions

  • Accelerate cloud adoption by leveraging any cloud as a Disaster Recovery or test and development target


Chris Sammons, Systems Engineer, Zerto

12:45    Lunch, Exhibition & Networking


This session will explore key areas of emerging technology in a smaller group environment. Three technology stream sessions will be run simultaneously providing delegates the opportunity to attend an extended presentation on a topic of interest.

Delegates will select one stream to attend 

13:35    E-Worker: Mobile Device Case Study

•    Implementing mobile devices and tablets to support workers offshore 
•    Remote access to information and tools
•    The changes in structure and culture required for delivery
•    How the programme has impacted roles and responsibilities
•    ROI and organisational outcomes 

James McLean, IT Manager, ConocoPhillips

13:35    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Action

•    Machine Learning for Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics

•    Fundamental Challenges in Upstream O&G Logistics - how classical ML can fail
•    How we apply Machine Learning at Streamba
•    Our vision for the future of Upstream O&G Logistics

•    Using AI to Solve Real Business Problems

•    Lingo24's business challenges and why we've turned to AI

•    Impact of using AI to automate key business processes

•    Where do we see AI/ML heading - and how can you get started 

Dr Matthew Higgs, Head of Product, Streamba
David Meikle, CTO, Lingo24 

13:35    Cyber Security: Securing the Supply Chain

•    Exploring ongoing efforts to collaborate and coordinate to improve cyber security standards
•    Common vulnerabilities and problem areas across the supply chain
•    Collective goals and collaborative opportunities
•    Promoting best practice
•    A common approach to standards and compliance

Tom Dinnis, Director of Information Systems, Chrysaor

Stephen Kelly, CISO & DPO, Chrysaor

14:15    Transition to Main Hall



The final session will look at ongoing efforts to improve industry collaboration and data sharing, exploring initiatives by key stakeholders and how these can help facilitate innovation and improvement.


14:20     Promoting Collaboration and Co-ordination across the Industry

•    Progress in creating ties between O&G Heads of IT Forum and key stakeholder groups
•    The value of sharing best-practice and successful innovation, implementation
•    Considering common challenges and pain points and how they can be overcome
•    Trying to improve access and collaboration for the supply chain
•    Common resources and collaborative opportunity

Angus Murray, Head of IT, TAQA Global

14:40    Data Trusts & Data Sharing Initiatives

•    Data Trusts: why are they important, what is the purpose and value?
•    Exploring the key challenges and barriers: IP, culture, competition, legal, governance
•    Successful examples outwith the energy sector
•    Opportunities to innovate 

Stephen Ashley, Digital Transformation Solution Centre Manager, OGTC 

14:55    Panel Discussion

•    Stephen Ashley, Digital Transformation Solution Centre Manager, OGTC 
•    Tanya Knowles, Digital Optimisation Manager, OGA
•    James McLean, IT Manager, ConocoPhillips
•    Angus Murray, Head of IT, TAQA Global

•    Kate McKay, Director, 4_ttude

15:30    Closing remarks

15:40    Networking Drinks Reception

17:00    Close of Conference

(2020 Agenda Coming Soon)


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 Virtual Summit - this event will now be delivered online. 


This virtual event is an free for employees of the energy sector. If you work within the energy sector (Production, exploration, processing, transportation, engineering, renewables, utilities etc.) then no charge will be levied for your attendance.


If you are outwith this criteria (Vendors/ Suppliers of Energy, IT Products & Services, Consulting, BD or Recruitment) then a £99 + VAT delegate fee will be charged for your attendance, this in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of booking. We will be in contact to arrange payment.  


If you are experiencing issues with the below form NOT showing (Chrome web browser) please use a different browser e.g. internet explorer first then try and clear your cache and cookies. If it shows, please go ahead and book as usual. You will get a thank you page and email confirmation once successful. 


If you still have issues with booking, please email your first name, last name, email and job title to events@digit.fyi and we'll get you registered. Thanks for your patience, we are working with our system provider to fix this ASAP.

Delegate Terms and Conditions
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Cancellations must confirmed in writing by 5pm 27th April 2020. Substitutions will be accepted if notified in writing before the event.  It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and the timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers. Where conferences are free to attend, a £99 + VAT charge will be levied should the delegate fail to attend on the day and not notify the organisers before the specified time & date. For booking enquiries, please contact events@digit.fyi.
Data protection
The personal information provided by you will be held on a database by DIGIT and will be shared with exhibitors, sponsors and supporting organisations of the conference.
If you do not wish your details to be used for this purpose, please do not check the box on the registration form. For more information and any further enquiries, please contact by email 
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